Once Saved Always Saved-The Obsession

Faith is the substance of things hoped for. It’s not Faith IF it’s not Faith. Meaning…Hope has it’s doubts. Why? Because hope is not yet fulfilled. Once you understand the nature of Hope and that there is fear involved because it’s part of the human condition…accept it. God created the human condition with it’s fear. Without fear the human race would not survive.
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The Great Tribulation is at Hand

This website, Theatreofthegods.com and theaterofthegods.com has been created to send visitors to #1 go to https://jazweeh.com for the prediction of the coming of the Son of God.

Supernatural Changes are Happening All Over Earth & In the Heavens

#2 This website is where I will post the most supernatural of the end times signs and wonders that people deny vehemently by either cognitive dissonance or by denial which means straight up lying to themselves.  The go-to emotional survival skill of the masses when it comes to facing the supernatural occurrences in their face IS DENIAL.

If you Never Knew The King James Version Bible this first supernatural sign and wonder will not interest you.