Plasma Apocalyse

Black Hole Sun Video Decode

Video Decode

Video shows the human race as being blind, ignorant of what is around them, self  indulgent, gluttonous, interested in lust, food, vanity, and of course the seven deadly sins.

The mounds at the start likely represent the prophecies of Truth and the end of mankind-on the most part.

“The End is Nigh” is self explanatory.

Red roses represent the funeral of mankind.

A reference to Legion/religion is noted.  Deceptive and controlling.

Hides the snake, disguised, ruthless and truthless toward all of the slaves.

Boiling heat.  The way the elements are acting and reacting to heat ect. has changed dramatically from years passed.  Example-Water does not evaporate between my stove and the pan set on high heat.  See this video.

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